mama you look like a ballerina #styleteacher



The lighting doesn’t quite show off this skirt but it is a pale pink tulle skirt and I am in love.  Not just with the skirt but also with this little baby who finally is starting to look like a newborn though she is almost 3 months old.

Thea saw my outfit and immediately exclaimed, “Mama, you look like a ballerina…I’m going to look like a cheetah today.”  I love my 5 year old.


before she came #styleteacher


Crazy to think that this was taken only a few days before Augustine made her surprise arrival.  At this point I was lamenting the fact that my winter coat was getting too tight and that I would have to figure out something for the rest of my pregnancy.  Now as I zip it back up, I still have a hard time realizing that she has been born.  Ah life, you do keep it interesting.


a study of black #styleteacher



The snow fell but that wouldn’t stop me from wearing a skirt.  I have given up on buying more pants for this pregnancy, I figure with only 15 more weeks to go I will just have to suck it up.  Oh and those tights, straight from the 1980’s, love that they have survived this long.  Had to match it with a little bit of Elvis hair…


DSCN4525Little belly growing bigger – 25 weeks 1 day


brunch and a date #styleteacher


Saturday and my mom picked Thea up for some special time, so B and I went on a date with the twins.  My favorite dates are brunch dates, well, they were before the twins.  now taking them to a restaurant is all about surviving.  We are good patrons though and clean up after ourselves.  With the sun beaming down and lifting our spirits we headed down to Sate Street and even visited the new public library, a gorgeous space meant for celebrating the love of books.  I could stay there for hours…

DSCN4518Belly size: 24 weeks 6 days


and she wore a tie #styleteacher

DSCN4495I still love menswear so I am trying to figure out how to wear it without buying more clothes.  None of this is maternity but just filled with elastic.  i don’t know how much longer all of this can be pulled off though.  A few days after I wore this tie, one of my female students showed up wearing a tie as well.  Awesome!  Oh and terrible picture quality will probably continue from now on until April, I get home too late in the day to take great pictures.

Belly size:  24 weeks 2 days 


i look old #styleteacher

DSCN4443Sometimes outfits work better in my head than in real life.  I left those house thinking this was ok: a long black skirt, a star buttondown, a big belt.  Yet when I added the cardigan because my classroom mirrors the Arctic on a any given day, I ended up looking dated and old.  However, lesson learned – I am much more of a blazer person than a cardigan person.  And this outfit will not be repeated.


meetings meetings meetings



There are days I wake up hugely pregnant and then there are days where it looks as if I just ate a big sandwich.  This was a hugely pregnant kind of day and a day full of meetings and setting up my classroom.  I love a great stripe and I love a great highwaist, put them together and here you go.  Oh and I swear I wear shoes to school, I just kick them off the minute I get home.DSCN4385

well hello amazing


Whoever invented the button-down with the stretch skirt look should earn a medal.  I am not alluding to my own amazement here but simply to the fact that it looks so put together and is so not. I love a great blue button-down (I better since I have about 5 of them) and a stretch pencil skirt, yes please.  I would completely wear this for school, although the skirt would be a bit more structured and the shirt would be ironed, but since it is still summer, I don’t have to worry about those things.


wisco kid


After calling Madison home for 15 years I realize that I am indeed a Wisco kid.  I love this shirt from a local company and had to have it the moment I saw it.  Although I look tough here I am pretty sure there was nothing tough in running errands and playing with the kids, ahh summer, you have been good to us.  And thankful for this elastic skirt even of the wind does unladylike things to it whenever I venture outside.DSCN4352

brunhilde called, she wants her braids back #styleteacher


I thought I would really like this hairstyle since I had been so in love with the crown-braid but all day I couldn’t help but feel my childhood German sneak back and feel I was trying to be something I am not.  Although this was easy, and it stayed put even from lying on the couch, playing with the kids, and cleaning the house.  Yet….hmm

I am having an olive green kind of summer, I love olive green.  It is classic, it is current, and it is as closed to military inspired as I want to get.  And who doesn’t like a gold sparkly skirt?  Thea thought it was the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world which I had sort of guessed, after all it was gold and sparkly…She is a girl’s girl through and through.