and back to school i went #styleteacher


First day’s back after maternity leave are exhausting.  The adrenaline of being back with the students carried me through the day but when I walked in the door and saw all I had missed with the kids, it was hard.  However, we can count down the day until spring break where I hope for better weather so we can finally get outside.  This winter has been brutal…

This black dress is the same I wore through the pregnancy.  I had to take a deep breath before I wore something tight but in the end I decided it wasn’t too bad.  And the blazer,oh how I love it.  Part graffiti, part crazy print, yes please…



terrible lighting from now on #styleteacher


When I leave for school in the morning it is too dark to take pictures and when I come home from school the sun is setting and the pictures look like this.  I therefore apologize for the terrible picture quality for the next 4 months.  However, does it really matter when you are in something as simple as a black dress and ivory blazer?  Surely the light cannot completely ruin this outfit?

DSCN4563Belly size: 26 weeks


a perfect gray dress #styleteacher


When I found this dress at Forever21 I wanted to do a happy dance.  Until I got it home and tried it on, I don’t know who thought it needed such a long slit, however, my mother quickly fixed it and off I went.  I love the longer length and how easy it is to dress up or down.  Now my only problem will be to not wear it all of the time.

DSCN4534That blur is a child running by.

Belly size: 25 weeks 4 days


well hello ivory blazer #styleteacher

DSCN4511When I first purchased an ivory blazer, I wasn’t sure I would actually every use it.  Wow, have I been proven wrong.  A quick outfit as I start school and conferences, nothing beats a simple black and white combination.  But those heels were not meant for walking, ever since I broke my toe, my feet hate certain shoes.  Oh well, it felt great to get  off at the end of the day.

DSCN4512Laughing at my audience…

Belly size:  24 weeks 5 days


to celebrate another baby #styleteacher


I have had the amazing fortune to be pregnant at the same time as two of my girlfriends and on this day we got together for the first baby shower for one of them.  thank you H&M for again coming through with this sweater dress.  While it may be on the shorter side for school for weekends or with jeans it will do just nicely indeed.  Oh and that face, B was standing behind the camera making faces, but seriously, i should probably check the pictures before I put the camera away.

Belly size: Almost 24 weeks.


a fall party to celebrate #styleteacher


I need new brown boots, while these look fine in pictures they are showing the 4 years of relentless wearing in the harsh Wisconsin winters.  Nothing worse than looking at your outfit and realizing you wish your feet were not so huge so everyone wouldn’t see your boots.  Well maybe not nothing worse, that seems a bit dramatic.  Over night, my belly took on a life of it’s own, holy belly.  I still struggle to gain weight but have stopped worrying about it,  instead I will keep sending positive thoughts to that little girl growing stronger every day.

This day was our fall celebration at school, my students had so deserved every single moment of it, and a blast was had by all.

Belly size: 23 weeks 5 days.


i see a pattern here #styleteacher



Funny when you look back and notice that you seem to be wearing a uniform.  Apparently my uniform this winter is dress with tights, blazer, and a scarf.  Works for me as long as I stay professional and warm.  Did I mention my room is arctic temperatures thanks to an overachieving air conditioner?  The baby is kicking every night, incredibly comforting for me and everyone who knows about this pregnancy.  We are getting closer to picking a name but have decided to keep it between us for now, for once no one will have anything negative to say about it before she is born.

Belly size: 23 weeks 3 days