the sun is so bright you cannot see the stripes #styleteacher



There are days I try and days where it just needs to work, this day it just needed to work as we spent a Saturday going to the park, going to the store, and just relishing in the fact that it was Saturday and we truly did not have much we actually had to do.  Sadly the sun shone so bright that you cannot see i am wearing a striped button-down, I had never worn it with jean shorts, no idea why not, and yet I loved it so very much.

i defied the snow


[cardigan loft, shirt old navy, cords, h&m, boots old, tie my grandfathers]

The snow has been relentless this year; never ending and then always coupled with freezing cold.  Not a day ges by where I ask myself why we live here and then you get up on a day like today where the sun shines so brightly that the world looks magical and you remember; yes, the snow is terrible but wow is it better than a gray dark winter of Denmark.

Was asked to defy the snow for a post, so I did.  The babies were sleeping snuggily, Thea was eating a snack and I ran outside took four pictures and hurried back in.  How is that for defying the snow.


be my valentine


[shirt target, jeans joe’s, belt vintage, boots ninewest]

Aah Valentine’s Day, a day filled with so much angst it is like we all are Bella from twilight.  I love this day though and not because I am in an incredible relationship but because as a 5th grade teacher we get to throw a big party and just hang out.  the kids exchange valentine’s cards for the last year and they still get dressed up for the day.  It doesn’t hurt that B hand delivered me roses and a romantic card; I am lucky.

As for this little buttercup; Miss Ida Ray looks perplexed and happy.


another day, another tie


[Cardigan Zara, tie my grandfather’s, shirt old navy, jeans banana, belt vintage, shoes mia]

I seem to be perpetually stuck in this hallway but the lighting by the time I get home with all of the kids is right right here.  Outside is freezing and I hate trying to navigate our steps to take a picture, so hallway it is.

My students must be picking up on my ties.  While sitting in class my 5th grade boys started to discuss who was the manliest of them all.  While I contained my laughter I told them that none of them were men yet.  A boy then said, “Mrs. Ripp is right, after all she is the manliest of us all…”



mad as plaid


[blazer & scarf h&m, shirt old navy, jeans gap]

Well not really mad but perplexed at the appearance of this shirt.  I didn’t wear t with the scarf at school but I should have.  I cannot wait until I wear this with white jeans, everything is better in white jeans.

i carry him with me



[Jacket Anthro, Jeans and Shirt Banana, Tie my grandfather’s]


There are mornings when I forget that I no longer have grandparents.  Yet when I see the ties hanging in my closet I know that last year we lost them both and now those ties serve as my constant reminder.  So I wear one whenever I can, I wear it to dress up, to honor him, and to make him proud as I teach my students.  He would have laughed at that and given me a smile, he was always proud of us no matter what.  


pink pink pink


[Jacket H&M, Shirt Gap, Jeans, Banana, Necklace Etsy]

One of my students today couldn’t believe just how pink my jacket was and neither could I.  I don’t do a lot of color in winter, not quite sure why, but this jacket paired with a crisp or not so crisp white shirt and well fitting jeans, sign me up anytime.

It appears lately my face has a life of its own, I swear these are not the faces I try to make.


i never liked the way they swoosh


[Blazer H&M, Shirt Old Navy, Cords H&M, Boots old, Crazy hair my own]

I never expected to like this outfit as much as I did, but something about the boots and the vintage belt, and perhaps the crazy hair and I just felt effective.  This one will be a keeper to the days where I don’t feel like taking a picture of what I am wearing.  And yes, there are mnay of those days as well.