something about a good pair of jeans #styleteacher



I love these jeans, my first pair of Joe’s jeans bought in San Francisco more than 7 years ago.  They still fit, they still work, and I have missed them so much in my pregnancy.  I am okay with spending ridiculous amounts of money on jeans if they last for this many years.  I am happy here because I actually got some sleep, Augustine and I take a nap together while doing K care at the hospital  It is one of my  the highlights of my every day.

after the baby #styleteacher


3 weeks after the birth of Augustine and I am back at school part-time.  This requires a lot of thought since I need baby feeding conducive clothing as well as things that fit okay. Yes, I know I look like I have lost all of baby weight, and I have almost, not by doing anything except getting weird sleep and running around like crazy.  However, before people get jealous, I have to say, there wasn’t much to lose.  My pregnancy was complicated and so I had problems gaining weight with it and since I missed out on the last 10 weeks of being pregnant I also didn’t go through a lot of weight gain at the end.  Is it nice to be able to fit into most of my clothes already, sure, but I would rather still be pregnant and not have a baby in the NICU…

That being said though, Augustine is doing well this week and we have started to see glimmers of discharge hopes within the next month.  Maybe then it will all really start to sink in.


final one with the belly #styleteacher


I didn’t know that this would be my last official pictures with my ever growing belly.  But they are.  A great casual outfit with old pieces that have served me well throughout a few pregnancies now.  I ventured outside in the hope of better lighting but instead got blurriness.  As the days turn lighter, I hope the pictures get better.DSCN4591

before she came #styleteacher


Crazy to think that this was taken only a few days before Augustine made her surprise arrival.  At this point I was lamenting the fact that my winter coat was getting too tight and that I would have to figure out something for the rest of my pregnancy.  Now as I zip it back up, I still have a hard time realizing that she has been born.  Ah life, you do keep it interesting.


and then she showed up early

1499528_609206162462334_1160418912_nAfter  6 days of crazy contractions, pre-term labor scares, medication galore to try to stop pre-term labor, and one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters ever in our lives, little Miss Augustine showed up December 19th weighing a little less than 4 pounds and 9 weeks 3 days early.  So to say I haven’t been super stylish lately is an understatement, it is amazing what you end up wearing when you spend half your day in the NICU.  (Although I have yet to wear sweats – yeah!)

But don’t worry, Augustine is a fighter and we know she will be home with us in February.  I can’t look terrible for her homecoming, can I?


Hello happiness #styleteacher



That little pink blur behind is Miss Ida running through the shot.  I just have to laugh at my busy life, you cannot even get a picture without one of them popping up.  This was on a day we ran errands, I love my Wisco Kid tee I am wearing here even if you cannot see it.

well hello big belly #styleteacher


I apologize for the lack of posts but I am currently on bedrest in the hospital trying to stop our little girl from showing up 10 weeks early.  Try as I might, there are only so many ways I can style a flowered hospital gown, let alone take pictures of it.  I looked in the mirror today and it certainly was not a pretty sight.

Thus the next few posts will be pictures that are a few weeks old.  This one hails from the day I realized I looked really pregnant.  Love that moment of “Well hello big belly, there you are!”  Especially because a big belly means a growing baby girl.  At today’s ultrasound she measured in at 3 lbs 4 oz, we would like another 3 lbs added to that before we meet her.  All great thoughts to her are appreciated.

terrible lighting from now on #styleteacher


When I leave for school in the morning it is too dark to take pictures and when I come home from school the sun is setting and the pictures look like this.  I therefore apologize for the terrible picture quality for the next 4 months.  However, does it really matter when you are in something as simple as a black dress and ivory blazer?  Surely the light cannot completely ruin this outfit?

DSCN4563Belly size: 26 weeks


a perfect gray dress #styleteacher


When I found this dress at Forever21 I wanted to do a happy dance.  Until I got it home and tried it on, I don’t know who thought it needed such a long slit, however, my mother quickly fixed it and off I went.  I love the longer length and how easy it is to dress up or down.  Now my only problem will be to not wear it all of the time.

DSCN4534That blur is a child running by.

Belly size: 25 weeks 4 days