to celebrate another baby #styleteacher


I have had the amazing fortune to be pregnant at the same time as two of my girlfriends and on this day we got together for the first baby shower for one of them.  thank you H&M for again coming through with this sweater dress.  While it may be on the shorter side for school for weekends or with jeans it will do just nicely indeed.  Oh and that face, B was standing behind the camera making faces, but seriously, i should probably check the pictures before I put the camera away.

Belly size: Almost 24 weeks.


on that very first day



I used to always wear a dress the very first day of school, as a teacher, it almost felt as if I had to.  This year though as I perused the sales rack at BCBG for my Bammy Awards dress I feel upon this jump suit.  For the first time in my life I thought, “Why not?”  So why not indeed, I love this thing.  It is huge first of all so plenty of room for my teeny tiny belly which hopefully will not stay teeny tiny.  Yet it is also not so huge that I can wear this when I am done being pregnant.  I also live the fabric and the cut outs at the top.  Winner!  I loved this outfit for the first day of school, I could get on the floor with the students, I wasn’t too hot or cold thanks to my blazers and I looked professional.  This one is a keeper.




i have worn all of this before but i’m still smiling



I think most of these items have been shown before and in the past that would have made me so embarrassed   But now, I want to fist pump the air  and shout a “Woohoo.”   It is amazing what having 3 children can do to your shopping budget, particularly when you have a book buying addiction as well.  So this outfit was all stuff you have probably seen before, but you know what?  Thank goodness for that!  I am a teacher, I cannot keep spending all of y money on clothes, even if it is the cheap stuff I have to buy.


it’s a date again


[sequin jacket the limited, top gap, jeans only, belt vintage, booties bcbg]

February 19th, 2005 I married my soul mate.  On this night we went out to the world’s most scrumptious restaurant; Lousianne’s, to celebrate the 8 years we have been an official old married couple.  The food was fantastic but the conversation was even better.  We may be old and tired most of the time but we still like each other a lot.  And that beats even the best cajun dinner.