Who is The Style Teacher

Hejsa!  My name is Pernille Ripp and I am a teacher in Wisconsin, although originally from a small town in Denmark called Bjerringbro.  From a young age I adored fashion and making very strange decisions in my clothing choices according to my mother.  Later becoming a teacher in America meant I quickly realized that fashion would take on a new aspect in my life as I balance trying to stay fashionable and professional at the same time.

This blog started as a way to challenge myself to get out of my style rut.  Teachers have a tendency to wear pants that are too short, too old, and strange colors.  We wear holiday sweaters, clunky shoes, and just seem to be too much in a hurry to really do something about it.  So I hope to share a little bit of inspiration in how teachers can dress stopping others from getting stuck like me.

I love my life; I am married to my best friend Brandon who supports me in every crazy idea and is my biggest fashion critic.


We have three children; Theadora who is 4 and often sneaks into my pictures, and Ida and Oskar our twins who do not care what they wear as long as they can crawl around in it.

ida-jpeg-scaled1000 dscn1601-scaled1000 oskar-jpeg-scaled500

Oh and I blog about teaching as well, but that is a whole other story.

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