feeling stripey #styleteacher


On a Saturday where the sun finally peeked out, I felt like a sailor in the pants that Brandon hates the most and one of my favorite stripey shirts.  can you really enough stripes in your closet or am I the only one obsessed?  A happy day that definitely involved ice cream. Stripes, kids, husband, and ice cream, perfect.

you can’t go wrong #styleteacher


This winter is officially the most miserable winter I have ever experienced.  It may be March but it is still so cold and there is still snow and they are still saying more snow to come.  No more cold!  o what do you do?  well you put on your favorite blue button down, I have become slightly obsessed which new posts will soon show, I am in love with my blue shirts.  I have several of them,  all perfect in their won way, although my newest boyfriend version from Gap beats them all I think.  A post coming soon dedicated just to that.  The thing is with blue button downs, you can wear them with anything, really, and they look great and you look pulled together.  Don’t believe me?  I will prove it to you as I wear my blue button downs as much as possible this spring and summer, don’t say I didn’t warn you.