and then she showed up early

1499528_609206162462334_1160418912_nAfter  6 days of crazy contractions, pre-term labor scares, medication galore to try to stop pre-term labor, and one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters ever in our lives, little Miss Augustine showed up December 19th weighing a little less than 4 pounds and 9 weeks 3 days early.  So to say I haven’t been super stylish lately is an understatement, it is amazing what you end up wearing when you spend half your day in the NICU.  (Although I have yet to wear sweats – yeah!)

But don’t worry, Augustine is a fighter and we know she will be home with us in February.  I can’t look terrible for her homecoming, can I?


Hello happiness #styleteacher



That little pink blur behind is Miss Ida running through the shot.  I just have to laugh at my busy life, you cannot even get a picture without one of them popping up.  This was on a day we ran errands, I love my Wisco Kid tee I am wearing here even if you cannot see it.

well hello big belly #styleteacher


I apologize for the lack of posts but I am currently on bedrest in the hospital trying to stop our little girl from showing up 10 weeks early.  Try as I might, there are only so many ways I can style a flowered hospital gown, let alone take pictures of it.  I looked in the mirror today and it certainly was not a pretty sight.

Thus the next few posts will be pictures that are a few weeks old.  This one hails from the day I realized I looked really pregnant.  Love that moment of “Well hello big belly, there you are!”  Especially because a big belly means a growing baby girl.  At today’s ultrasound she measured in at 3 lbs 4 oz, we would like another 3 lbs added to that before we meet her.  All great thoughts to her are appreciated.

terrible lighting from now on #styleteacher


When I leave for school in the morning it is too dark to take pictures and when I come home from school the sun is setting and the pictures look like this.  I therefore apologize for the terrible picture quality for the next 4 months.  However, does it really matter when you are in something as simple as a black dress and ivory blazer?  Surely the light cannot completely ruin this outfit?

DSCN4563Belly size: 26 weeks