mrs. ripp you look nice today #styleteacher


My first attempt at wearing non-sandals in two weeks and I can tell you, it hurt.  However, when you go on a field trip and the ran is pouring down, sandals just don’t spring to mind.  This day though was the day of compliments.  So many kids and teachers told me how nice I looked.  Funny how you just never know.

DSCN4456And this is my tiny belly at almost 22 weeks.  At least the baby is growing well.


why do i feel like a pirate? #styleteacher

DSCN4451I actually adore this outfit since it combines slouchy pants with stripes and braids . and yet, I feel like a pirate in it.  Not sure why.  You would think I would feel more like a cat burglar, but pirate it is and it was.  This was also a week after I broke my toe by chair karate chop so I have lived in these sandals.


I do love denim #styleteacher

DSCN4447Another almost outfit from a few weeks back.  I didn’t want to share this one either but the truth is being pregnant  in fall is a very strange style complication.  I need to be comfortable, I need to be able to be on the floor with my students, and I need to not be cold.  None of these seem to work well together as a fashion choice.  I like this outfit but is missing something, an extra little kick to make it better.  This one I will keep working on.

i look old #styleteacher

DSCN4443Sometimes outfits work better in my head than in real life.  I left those house thinking this was ok: a long black skirt, a star buttondown, a big belt.  Yet when I added the cardigan because my classroom mirrors the Arctic on a any given day, I ended up looking dated and old.  However, lesson learned – I am much more of a blazer person than a cardigan person.  And this outfit will not be repeated.


when you have an audience #styleteacher


Often when I take my shots it is me running out the back door, setting up the camera, and hoping for the best.  Often I am not fast enough for the babies to not see me open the door.  This day was no different.  I am always having a hard time trying to look fashionable with these kids, they crack me up too much.  best part of this outfit, nothing too fancy but just pops of color.


My view this entire time…


in which i pose like superwoman #styleteacher

DSCN4432I caved and finally bought another pair of maternity jeans, I can only wear skinny jeans so many days without losing my mind.  These from The Gap are ok, they are a little too stretchy and not very long for longs, but with a wedge they will do.  So far in this pregnancy I have purchased 3 maternity wear items: a dress and 2 pairs of jeans.   I guess it helps when you have a complicated pregnancy and you don’t gan a lot of weight.  I would rather be huge though any day.

This day was also the day our local newspaper was in my classroom to write about the Global Read Aloud, the article can be seen here.


still buttoned #styleteacher


Who says we can’t wear pink jeans to school as teachers?  I don’t!  It just depends on how we style them.  Here are my very bright, very pink, amazing stretch jeans that are fully buttoned in this picture even though here I am about 17 weeks pregnant.  Worn with the tee was a black blazer and super comfortable wedge heels.    As for the child, well, why not combine blue striped socks with florals and striped shorts?


you’re gonna hear me roar #styleteacher



Being born in 1980 meant I was surrounded by animals on things.  I still remember the awesome tiger bathing suit I had as a child and how yes, fierce, I thought it was.  Once I grew up though I realized that perhaps my fascination with all things roaring and animal print was not quite as cool as I thought it was.  Until I stumbled upon this sweatshirt.  First of all, it is a sweatshirt!  Second of all, it has a tiger on it!  Third of all, it is super warm and comfortable!  Win!  So my poor husband has been rolling his eyes every time I wear it but I don’t care, I am fierce like a tiger now.DSCN4413