i sucked it in #styleteacher


I bought this top in my twin pregnancy and realized now just how much I love the nude color of it.  In fact, mixing white, pink and nude has to be some of my favorite colors to mix.  But these jeans are not for pregnant women so on this day I said goodbye to them for the next 5 months or so.  No more just sucking it in and sticking a belly band over it, I need to be able to breathe.


a little brave #styleteacher



I sold all of my maternity clothes because I thought we were done having babies.  Therefore I have about 3 pieces in my wardrobe right now that is actual maternity wear, this dress happens to be one of them.  Easy and comfortable, simple enough to dress up when needed and it will last me the entire time.  You just cannot go wrong a dress like this.DSCN4423

just chillax would you



These slouchy pants have been in my closet for so long I don’t quite remember a time without them.  They fit like sweats but they don’t look it at all, and even now with just a hint of a popped out belly I can button them – victory!  So if I look happy here it is because I am; any day that includes pants that button and me being able to tuck a shirt is a good day in my book.DSCN4390

meetings meetings meetings



There are days I wake up hugely pregnant and then there are days where it looks as if I just ate a big sandwich.  This was a hugely pregnant kind of day and a day full of meetings and setting up my classroom.  I love a great stripe and I love a great highwaist, put them together and here you go.  Oh and I swear I wear shoes to school, I just kick them off the minute I get home.DSCN4385

on that very first day



I used to always wear a dress the very first day of school, as a teacher, it almost felt as if I had to.  This year though as I perused the sales rack at BCBG for my Bammy Awards dress I feel upon this jump suit.  For the first time in my life I thought, “Why not?”  So why not indeed, I love this thing.  It is huge first of all so plenty of room for my teeny tiny belly which hopefully will not stay teeny tiny.  Yet it is also not so huge that I can wear this when I am done being pregnant.  I also live the fabric and the cut outs at the top.  Winner!  I loved this outfit for the first day of school, I could get on the floor with the students, I wasn’t too hot or cold thanks to my blazers and I looked professional.  This one is a keeper.




it’s a contender…



The first day of school: New dreams, new hopes, new nervousness, and definitely always a new outfit.  It is a tradition after all.  While I am not sure that this dress will be the one, after all, this was taken a few weeks back, I do love the simplicity of this dress.  It is cotton, stripes, and not for pregnant women – all three things I love.  So thank you Old Navy for once in a while making something brilliant.DSCN4373

What to Wear on the First Day of School?

I received a question from a new teacher what to wear on the first day of school and although that day may have come and gone, I think it is a great question to answer.  I struggle still with it even after 6 first days of school under my belt.  There are a few criteria that needs to be in place.  For the first day of school it should be :

  1. Neat and clean
  2. Set the tone
  3. Formal but not too formal
  4. Non-constrictive
  5. Comfortable
  6. Have fun with it!

And that can be a lot to ask.

Most often women opt for a dress but I have found in may later years that a dress doesn’t always work so well for me because I am on the floor with my students a lot.   And heels better be the most comfortable pair ever because you know your feet are out of practice standing for that long at a time.  So while I still try to figure out what to wear, being pregnant does not make this any easier, here are some ideas from previous years.


Classic teacher look: skirt, blazer, belt and heels.  Why not?



This was a contender a few years back: I loved the pink jacket and heels, ultimately I ended up wearing pants that year though.


I love menswear inspired looks and am leaning in this direction myself, but instead of long black pants, I will be pairing it with a pencil skirt.  It is a homage to my two male team mates that always wear suits and ties the first day.


While I would not recommend jeans the first day, why not sequins?  I love having something a little too dressy for school the first day, it is a day of celebration after all!


This dress is actually a contender for this year but I would wear a black suit blazer over it and black heels.  I don’t mind that it s a dress since it is down to my knees.


Or why not do a classic button-down with a skirt, don’t forget the belt though, it adds the extra detail for it to look pulled together.


While i am certainly not this pregnant yet, I do love the simplicity of a great cropped black pant (ankle-length at least) with a great blazer.  So easy to wear and you look pulled together.


Or instead of a classic black skirt, why not a patterned one?  I would wear a blazer or cardigan over this.


While this is a winter outfit what would work for back to school is the long skirt – pair it with a white button down and some heels.


Another long skirt idea, now with a blouse tucked in and a belt cinched.  Because the skirt is long, I can still be on the floor without compromising myself.

dscn1161-scaled1000How about your standard blouse tucked into a black pencil skirt?  You can do so much with a black pencil skirt that it is hard to go wrong with this.

well hello amazing paisley shirt


Running errands, I think I do that almost every day, having hot flashes, and bending over after the twins – so everything needs to stay in place and yet it is summer and denim cutoffs are the way to go.  This shirt is pretty new, I fell in love with it at H&M and knew that even though it is not a maternity shirt since there is only one baby in there, it will fit until the end.  Not quite sure why the lighting was so different that day, well, you get what you get.