pulling out the patterns #styleteacher

DSCN4148The younger me would never have approved of so many patterns and colors, but I am sort of glad that the younger me is not around.  I love skirts and I love wearing comfortable skirts to school, yet I have to be able to move in them.  This day was a test run for a wedding shower where I actually ended up wearing heels with it instead.  And you cannot tell here but the blazer is the palest of pinks.  It all seemed to pull together just as much as the babies kept pulling on my long dangling necklaces.

They say patterns are the thing for summer, do you agree?



the seventies called… #styleteacher


My husband thinks high-waisted jeans are about the ugliest thing you can wear but I happen to love them.  Particularly paired with a little print shirt just found super cheap at the Gap.  So while I wore a blue blazer over this to school and also had my hair up, by the time I got home, the outside beckoned, there was playing to do and sun to enjoy.

What do you think; high-waisted jeans – yea or nay?


the younger me is laughing #styleteacher

DSCN4179We were told to wear neon, but on this day I didn’t have any neon, only a belt and earrings.  So why not add them to my new denim dress found at Banana.  And why would the younger me be laughing   Because it is a denim dress!  Seriously…But I love it, it is is soft and blue and long enough for me to sit down in, and I can wear it whenever I need to lok decent without being too dressed up.  It also happend to complement my neon yellow belt perfectly.


again a pattern, this time to school #styleteacher


I dared to bring the skirt to school and was glad I did.  It worked just as well as I had hoped and I loved being in cotton all day.  Sumer always brings out the braids in me, I just get sick of the top knot even though it is so easy.  I really do try to style my hair but it mostly has a mind of its own that screams please don’t do anything to me!DSCN4172

holding onto railing and pretending to gaze #styleteacher


There is just no way to pretend that I was just hanging out while this picture was taken of the back of my shirt.  Particularly if you know I take all of my pictures on a timer. But the point is; I love this shirt and the back.  Another coup from Zara over Memorial Day weekend and perfect for summer and short and white jeans and just feeling not so dumpy.  DSCN4168

more polkas and a little boy #styleteacher


I have this shirt in black already so when I saw it hanging in Zara over the weekend, I knew I had to have it.  I love polka dots, pretty obvious, and knew that it would work as a way to dress up jeans and skirt.  Oskar agreed as he came cruising for me the minute I picked up the camera.  He cooperated for the close ups but then found a very interesting knot hole he had to examine with his finger over and over.  So his modeling days are definitely numbered…


lace and knit #styleteacher



The fickle summer weather in Wisconsin continued the last few weeks of school, so on this day it called for lace blouse with a chunky knit.  I still remember buying this knit sweater when I was pregnant thinking how it was perfect for summer.  How right I was.  And the lace blouse?  6 years old?  7 years old?  It just means when you know, you know about a certain shirt.  I love this shirt and it shows…  Do you have a favorite piece you wear over and over?

gold and mad oh my #styleteacher

DSCN4152I should have cropped out my face here, ouch, what a face. Continuing with my experimentation with pattern mixing, or really, just keep wearing my leopard sandals because I pretend they are a neutral.  When you two babies, you don’t leave your hair down ever, and yet this day I fel like taking the chance.  About 5 minutes after these pictures were taking, both babies had a firm grip and I had to untwist and unwind their little fingers.  I admit defeat for now.


PINK!!!!! #styleteacher

DSCN4184Day two of my epic summer cold and I just purchased screaming bright pink jeans.  I know these will be worn all summer because let’s face it, so far this Wisconsin summer is really lame.  Now if I could only have these jeans give me enough energy to clean the house, all would be good.  If you look closely, this is me without make up – thank goodness for angles and natural light.