a new pattern mixing #styleteacher

DSCN4071I had the honor of accompanying two of my wonderful students to an award ceremony for their writing.  However, not only did I get to go with them, I also had to facilitate a poetry session for 7th graders – gulp.  7th graders are a lot bigger than 5th graders!  I also knew it would be 80 degrees and we had a chance of being outside and that I would get stuck on a bus for a while.  So behold; patterned shorts with a patterned shirt.  As they say, sometimes mixing patterns works, other times it goes horribly wrong.  I think this one worked.


in which i dress like a dog handler #styleteacher


I didn’t mean to dress like someone who is running alongside a dog in the kennel club show but when I got to school that is exactly what i thought.  I have loved this skirt ever since I saw it hanging at a Goodwill but it is not until now that i can actually fit it.  Yet, this did not work.  However, I have an idea; shortening the length will definitely make it better and I do love the anchor print on it.  It may have been the white blazer (which I actually adore) that put me over as well, oh well, cannot look fabulous all of the time.


layers layers layers #styleteacher


Pretty typical weekend outfit for me at the moment (can you tell I am behind in posting pictures).  Jeans, sandals and then plenty of layers since the weather here can never make up its mind.  Yet – I am wearing sandals!  woohoo!

I never thought I would be a blazer girl, my sister was always the one to pull them off but as I look back on the last year and see the ever expanding collection in my closet; I get it.  I am a blazer girl now and it definitely works for school.


totally a rip off #styleteacher



Still channeling Mumford and Sons but this was a rip off outfit inspired by another style blogger.  I don’t quite know whether I absolutely adore it or if it just is not quite me.  I love highwaisted jeans but somehow they still do remind me of mom jeans from back in the day.  Perhaps that is fitting since there is no denying it; I am a mom.

The everyday goes by so fast and I crave more time with all of my kids; my students as we get closer to summer and my children as they seem to hit new milestones daily.  Oskar has figured out how to pull up on things and Ida has realized that she can pull herself really fast.  I don’t know where my little babies or the school year went.  And by the way…totally grooving on the buttoned collar.


absolutely my new favorite #styleteacher


I want to wear this dress from Target every day from now on.  It is long enough for school, sleeveless for summer, perfect colors, and it has seahorses on it.  What is not to love?  The students loved this dress as well and kept telling me all day.  I have a an award ceremony Sunday night where I have to thank a lot of people for a grant I won and I do believe this will be the dress I wear with skyhigh heels, I love being tall so why not be a bit taller after all.  Run to Target and get this dress, seriously, you will thank me for it.


i never know with the polkas #styleteacher



Never mind the fuzzy picture, I am not quite sure what happened.  All I know is that I have a love/hate relationship with this jacket.  It goes in phases, at times it is the best thing in my closet and yet other times I cannot believe I bought it.  It hangs great but the polkas limit me somehow, perhaps I need to get more courageous with pattern mixing?DSCN3903

she got mail #styleteacher


My kid cracks me up.  Thea here had gotten a postcard from her gymnastics teacher and had to display it in every single picture that we took.  There was nothing I could do to stop her.  At some point I just went with it and instead just tried to contain my laughter.  So teachers, if you wonder whether kids care when you send thema letter – here is proof.  She sleeps next to it now.


wear the brightest thing you have

DSCN3885Faced with another incredibly dreary day of nasty winter weather in April still everyone at school was asked to wear the brightest thing they could.  So voila!  I felt very bright,  I even wore neon earrings.  And then I went home and put on black leggings and a sweater after that, there is only so much brightness I can do in a day.  It didn’t help unfortunately, the sun continued to hide for another 10 days after this was taken.  But at least we tried.