tea and shabu shabu #styleteacher



[Tee Forever21, skirt Old Navy, Wedges Target]

Finally, the sun.  Finally warmth and happy people and wanting to exercise.  This day was all to myself so off to have fancy tea and lunch with my incredible little brother,  a stop on State Street to be tempted by some cute spring clothes and even a few hours at work setting up the next reading challenge.

This day is the day I decided to do a no shop April, you know you are shopping too much when you find yourself shopping for a black loose t-shirt not realizing that you are wearing exactly that.  So no shopping the whole month of April, shouldn’t be too bad but wish me luck.

there they are again, jeans that is #styleteacher


[Top Urban Outfitters, Jeans Only]

Next day, same jeans.  I don’t know when we as adults decide that after only one day of wear all of our clothes need to be washed, some of it sure, but these jeans had no baby stuff on them and were ready to wear one more day.  Funny how days blur together when you are on vacation.  I know Thea stayed home sick this day so I know there were a lot of laughing, reading, playing with all of the kids and perhaps even a a ray of sun.  Still forgetting to put on earrings, oh well.


and then spring break happened #styleteacher



[Blazer Target, Tee Urban Outfitters, Tank H&M, Jeans Only, Belt Anthropologic, Boots MIA]

With snow on the ground and a cold, cold wind, spring break did finally arrive and with it came lots of happy smiles from babies who are almos crawling.  Funny how sometimes you rediscover a pair of pants, cuff them, and suddenly they are your new favorites.  Beside a pair of boyfriend jeans, I do n’t think I ever need to buy another pair of jeans, just don’t tell my husband that.

I would wear this to school on a Friday, polish it up a little bit, maybe even brush my hair.  But this worked on that day.


follow the yellow stud shoes #styleteacher


[shirt Banana, jeans banana, shoes Target, earrings Pilgrim]

Amazing how students notice little things like when your earrings match your shoes.  I don’t know what it is about yellow ad green in the spring for me, easy, casual, and yet crisp and clean.  Friday calls for rolled up pants, no socks, and freezing toes.  Oh spring, where are you?


a pink a blue a purple #styleteacher



[Skirt Urban Outfitters, Belt Forever21, Top Limited, Scarf St. Tropez, earrings Pilgrim]

One of my all time favorite high-waited skirts here winterized with wool tights, but my goodness, I miss wearing skirts and sandals.  Being a fashionable teacher when the morning calls for 7 degrees is not easy.  I feel like wearing turtlenecks and jeans.  This skirt is way more blue, not quite sure why my camera didn’t feel like showing that, but the pink, it picked right up on that.    And that scarf was worn just like that, tossed, casual, and I fixed it a million times, but sometimes thrown on is better than styled. DSCN3798

on a dreary cold monday #styleteacher

DSCN3792[Blazer Express, Jeans Banana, Boots Ralph Lauren, Shirt Gap]

Monday’s seem to become colder and colder instead of the opposite.  So although I am thinking spring, I still feel myself drawn to the dark blues and black.  I have decided I need more menswear jackets, my budget doesn’t agree, so perhaps some of my birthday money will help me out.  And yes, teachers can wear studded belts too.