i have worn all of this before but i’m still smiling



I think most of these items have been shown before and in the past that would have made me so embarrassed   But now, I want to fist pump the air  and shout a “Woohoo.”   It is amazing what having 3 children can do to your shopping budget, particularly when you have a book buying addiction as well.  So this outfit was all stuff you have probably seen before, but you know what?  Thank goodness for that!  I am a teacher, I cannot keep spending all of y money on clothes, even if it is the cheap stuff I have to buy.


it’s a polka stripe kind of day




[Blazer Target, Top GAp, Scarf Zara, Jeans and belt Forever21, Shoes Old Navy]

When you take your fabulous 12 year old niece shopping at Forever21 you are bound to pick something up yourself, even if you swore you would not.  So these $12 jeans fell into my bag and then I promptly forgot all about them until I realized that because it was actually plus degrees so I could wear a cropped pant.  But then I remembered how much I hate cropped pants, when you are tall, they end up looking like your pants shrank.  So I set out to make it look purposeful and although I loved the stripes and dots together I still don’t know if it worked.  Oh well, perhaps this summer I will figure it out.


sparkles and ivory oh my #styleteacher


[Blazer Gap, Top Banana, Jeans Joe’s, Belt vintage]

There is something alluring about wearing sequins to school, perhaps because it seems so out of place?  But I like the shine it brings and I like how it looks pulled together and I like how I can then wear jeans and not feel like I am underdressed.  I have been pushing myself to use all of the clothes in my closet that I bought during the twin pregnancy in the hopes that I would use them again.  This ivory top is from then and it has taunting me day in and day out.  I finally figured out that if I just tucked it in and let the sleeves show rather than try to roll and roll, it worked.  Take that non-maternity clothes!


And here is the last post where I wore this shirt


stripes sneak in #styleteacher


[Blazer Target, Top Urban Outfitters, Belt and jeans Forever21, Shoes Old Navy, Scarf Zara]

On a Friday where it is supposed to be warm out and you have only gotten 3 hours of sleep because too much was happening during the night, this is what you wear.  Cropped jeans which I am still not sure of, they are so tight and cropped, shoes that make me smile and enough layers to stay warm in the not so spring of Madison.  And why not add a skull scarf to all of your stripes and polkadots.


i skirted the issue #styleteacher



[Jean jacket vintage, Top Urban Outfitters, Skirt H&M, Scarf Italy, Belt Antropologie, Earrings Etsy, Boots MIA]

Messy and polkadots – sign me up.  I knew I wanted to wear this skirt but I had never worn this jean jacket to school before, it seems too messy.  But when paired with everything else pulled together I got 3 compliments from students and I didn’t freeze the whole time.


my girls and stripes #styleteacher


[Blazer Zara, tee Urban Outfitters, Jeans Gap, Shoes old Navy, Earrings Old Navy]

Being a mother infuses everything I do and am part of.  I love my husband with every cell of me because he gave me our children and he is the most amazing father and soulmate.  I teach the way I teach because I have the privilege of having someone else’s child in my care for 8 hours every day.  I blog in the hopes that i will be able to inspire other teachers to think about what they are doing to someone’s child.  Being a mother is who I am.  But I don’t want to dress like one.  So instead I wear jeans and tee’s but with blazers and polkadots.  Easy, comfortable, and still pulled together; it is do-able.


as close to sweats as i can get #styleteacher



[Cardigan H&M, Pants Only, Earrings Pilgrim, Necklace H&M]

Another Monday outfit when you wake up and all you can think of is comfort and warmth.  I don’t do sweats, most Danes don’t.  Sweats are for working out and I would never consider being a teacher a work out, at least not a physical one.  So when you are not allowed to wear sweats to school you should own a pair of comfy, slouchy pants with buttons and stitching that scream pants not sweats.  And I luckily do.

I often wonder how our outfits effect the way we teach, this outfit made mes mile more, speak lower and take it easy.  Perhaps all teachers should be told to wear slouchy pants on Mondays?

an easter bunny came our way #styleteacher



[Skirt Zara, Blazer H&M, Tee and Belt Anthropologie]

While I lived in this skirt during my pregnancy, I wasn’t sure I would be abe to pull it off after.  And yet, for Easter all I could think of was spring, even though it most definitely was not.  So on it went with pops of color and a belt to hide the ugly waistband.  It worked.

Easter for Thea is a day of special, she was sure she had heard the Easter bunny during the night – not sure where that one came from.  We found ourselves blending Danish and American traditions with gaekkebrev and an Easter Egg hunt much to the delight of our children. More countries seem to mean more chocolate and gifts.



yeah right 58 degrees #styleteacher


[Leather jacket vintage, top H&M, jeans Banana, Shoes Target]

I always laugh a little when I look back and see how many of the same things I wear over and over.  Those flat leopard shoes I have worn way too much but they are so cute and comfortable for zipping around.  That leather jacket I picked up over 10 years ago and it manages to just get softer and better looking with every wear.  I dressed for sunshine but got pelted by cold wind, there is no way the temperature will ever reach the almost 60 degrees they had forecasted.  Saturday of spring break and all i can think about is cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  And perhaps reading a another good book.




this put itself together #styleteacher


[Cardigan Ann Taylor Loft, tee Old Navy, Belt vintage, Jeans H&M, Scarf H&M, Shoes Target]

Sometimes outfits fall onto as I get colder and that is clearly what happened here.  I knew I wanted green jeans on and everything landed on me throughout the day.  Still on spring break here and the very, very best part of the day was sitting outside for 2 hours with all three kids playing while I read a book.  A whole book!  Getting ready to narrow down selections for Global Read Aloud so I am constantly reading, it gets expensive but the books are so incredible.  Perhaps I need to do a no book  buying May.