my beautiful little boy and his dots #styleteacher


[Vest H&M, Shirt Old Navy, Jeans Only, tie my grandfather’s, Oskar all mine]

My menswear obsession continues with this casual Thursday outfit.  These pants have my husband’s scorn and do look like a massive throwback from the 90’s, but what is not to love; pleats, high-waist, and skinny?  Ridiculous…

A little girl came up and asked if both babies were ours.  When we answered yes she told us that she really liked Oskar’s dot.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that those are bruises from his laser treatment, you see, he has a pronounced port wine stain on his upper lip and in his nose  that requires laser treatment once a month.  If we don’t get it, his lip will curl up and obstruct his breathing and eating.  So my smiling happy boy goes once a month in and is shot with a laser and due to placement very little numbing cream can be used.  To say that it is hard to see your child go through that is an understatement, but we do it for him in the hopes that it will stop the birthmark from developing further.  And still in the big scheme of life, this is so very very minor.



green does it #styleteacher



[Cardigan Zara, shirt Old Navy, Jeans H&M, Tie my grandfather’s]

Somes all you need is a good pair of jeans and a tie.  This was for St. Patrick’s Day where I am the only one in my husband’s family that is not Irish.  Although we think my husband is only 164th Irish, it still is enough to celebrate.  Oh well, I guess I will just have to come up with a holiday celebrating being Danish.  I am sure hygge would be involved and many, many candles.



tea, tea, and a laugh #styleteacher




[Cardigan H&M, Dress Forever21, scarf Zara, boots Target, grumpy serious face]

I am living in my wedge boots.  With melting snow, occasional rain, and ice everywhere I don’t want cold or wet feet but I also don’t feel like wearing heels all the time.  So wedge boots it is.  And hello, asymmetrical dress, although I am still not sure how much of a fan I am of this cut in general, I find myself drawn to it more and more.  While I had visions of wearing this to school, this turned out to be a lot shorter than i first thought, so no way, but outside of school, no problem with another skirt underneath.  Darn you long legs and torso., you are a lethal combination for clothes.


i continue my obsession #styleteacher



[Blazer Express, top Banana, Vest H&M mens, Belt Forever21, pants express, tie my grandfather’s, earrings pilgrim]

I am obsessed with menswear this year.  Ties, vests, suit jackets.  Really anything to keep me warm and feeling pulled together.  This got a lot of comments from students passing by and teachers too, love it.  And I did too.  the jacket is perfect, blue and black together, the tie does not match but s close enough, and finally a vest that is large enough – no cropped ones for me.  And why not a little studded belt, fun.


mrs. ripp…you look like a watermelon #styleteacher









[Blazer H&M, shirt Gap, Belt ?, Jeans H&M, Shoes Target]

Color exploded on me today with so many students coming up and telling me how much they loved my outfit.  One even told me that I looked like a watermelon which I could only agree with.  The weather did not think it was time for spring though as I ventured outside in the pouring, freezing rain.  One day after my birthday and spring seems to be nowhere near sprung.  Until it does, I am just going to keep pretending.




the wedges go to school



{Blazer Anthropologie, Top H&M, Jeans Only, Shoes Target, Scarf Zara]

You know the kids pay attention when the first thing they notice is your shoes.  They could not get over that I was wearing these shoes.  not quite sure why but I didn’t mind, velcro wedge sneakers all the way for a more casual day.

a mint a mint #styleteacher


[Blazer Benetton, Top H&M, Jeans, Joe’s Boots Nine West, Thea from me]

I was messing around with color trying to get the perfect mint color to show for this perfect mint color shirt and it just is not happening.  So visualize mint, really mint, which is a weakness for me, then visualize gold stud buttons and sheer and you have this shirt, fabulous.  I will force spring here whether it wants to or not, and Jimmy Groundhog lies every year here in Wisconsin.


and then it was 33

another year older, hopefully wiser, and definitely happier

Just a select few of my wishes for this year


insulated lunchbag for all of my teacher lunches

a new linen tablecloth for our dinners with family – did i just get super old? Who wishes for tablecloths?

a sailor shirt since yes i have a thing for anchors


a giraffe scarf because i also have a thing for giraffes



a new Neil Gaiman print


and finally a new tea mug



Aw, she got the velcro’s



[Scarf new in Beck Sondergard, Jacket Target, Top H&M, Jeans, Only, Wedge sneakers Target]

Yup, velcro wedge sneakers, awesome.  Or as my husband said, well, I guess they are not that bad, they have velcro.  I hate sneakers but these do not count, they are so insanely comfortable and ridiculous and completely make me feel like a fraud, pretending I am not about to turn 33 years old.  Oh, and did I mention they are comfortable and waterproof? Now the trick will be to wear them to school since this outfit is from my Saturday running around shopping with our fantastic niece.


Dots and dots with little Miss Ida

Trying to contemplate how cold it is and that my wedge sneakers are awesome