i have declared it spring


[blazer zara, shirt target, jeans h&m, boots mia, scarf h&m, earrings francesca’s, belt anthropologie]

The wind may be biting cold, the snow may keep coming, but I am declaring it spring.  I am so done with dark colors, bring on the light, the sunshine, and perhaps even a flower or too.  I will just keep layering my spring pieces until I have convinced the sun it is time.  Even though I hate pastels, I may even wear some of those, we shall see.


pondering and wondering


[blazer express, top anthropologie, jeans banana, shoes ninewest]

A day before I co-run an entire edcamp and this is what I wore to school.  It was odd wearing a shirt that was this loose, it made me reminisce about being pregnant and trying to hide it from people.  This blazer is one of my most favorite items in my closet, a gift from my sister-in-law who saw me try it on and and put it back, I love the tux style and I love the combination of blue and black.  Perfect in every way.



oh so delicate


[blazer gap, yop anthropologie, jeans only, boots mia, socks h&m, earring pilgrim]

I wore this outfit solely to show off my mint blue polkadot socks and then they do not show up here at all.  I have to admit, I am over skinny jeans, I feel like I have worn them to death with boots and I just want my flares back.  But I have to change things up.  Those boots though, yum, wear them all day running around with my students and then with my kids, no problem.  Perhaps I should just live in wedges?


it’s a date again


[sequin jacket the limited, top gap, jeans only, belt vintage, booties bcbg]

February 19th, 2005 I married my soul mate.  On this night we went out to the world’s most scrumptious restaurant; Lousianne’s, to celebrate the 8 years we have been an official old married couple.  The food was fantastic but the conversation was even better.  We may be old and tired most of the time but we still like each other a lot.  And that beats even the best cajun dinner.


be my valentine


[shirt target, jeans joe’s, belt vintage, boots ninewest]

Aah Valentine’s Day, a day filled with so much angst it is like we all are Bella from twilight.  I love this day though and not because I am in an incredible relationship but because as a 5th grade teacher we get to throw a big party and just hang out.  the kids exchange valentine’s cards for the last year and they still get dressed up for the day.  It doesn’t hurt that B hand delivered me roses and a romantic card; I am lucky.

As for this little buttercup; Miss Ida Ray looks perplexed and happy.


another day, another tie


[Cardigan Zara, tie my grandfather’s, shirt old navy, jeans banana, belt vintage, shoes mia]

I seem to be perpetually stuck in this hallway but the lighting by the time I get home with all of the kids is right right here.  Outside is freezing and I hate trying to navigate our steps to take a picture, so hallway it is.

My students must be picking up on my ties.  While sitting in class my 5th grade boys started to discuss who was the manliest of them all.  While I contained my laughter I told them that none of them were men yet.  A boy then said, “Mrs. Ripp is right, after all she is the manliest of us all…”



mad as plaid


[blazer & scarf h&m, shirt old navy, jeans gap]

Well not really mad but perplexed at the appearance of this shirt.  I didn’t wear t with the scarf at school but I should have.  I cannot wait until I wear this with white jeans, everything is better in white jeans.

represent #wiamigos

DSCN3671 DSCN3667

It had to happen; the ever expanding and always helpful #wiamigos got their own shirt.  And while I am not nearly as cool as some of the amazing people that are part of this, @twhitford was kind of enough to get a me a shirt.  And so yes, on this Saturday I represented in all of my glory with my incredibly messy hair.  Jealous?  Get your own by tweeting Tom.

i carry him with me



[Jacket Anthro, Jeans and Shirt Banana, Tie my grandfather’s]


There are mornings when I forget that I no longer have grandparents.  Yet when I see the ties hanging in my closet I know that last year we lost them both and now those ties serve as my constant reminder.  So I wear one whenever I can, I wear it to dress up, to honor him, and to make him proud as I teach my students.  He would have laughed at that and given me a smile, he was always proud of us no matter what.