pink pink pink


[Jacket H&M, Shirt Gap, Jeans, Banana, Necklace Etsy]

One of my students today couldn’t believe just how pink my jacket was and neither could I.  I don’t do a lot of color in winter, not quite sure why, but this jacket paired with a crisp or not so crisp white shirt and well fitting jeans, sign me up anytime.

It appears lately my face has a life of its own, I swear these are not the faces I try to make.


i never liked the way they swoosh


[Blazer H&M, Shirt Old Navy, Cords H&M, Boots old, Crazy hair my own]

I never expected to like this outfit as much as I did, but something about the boots and the vintage belt, and perhaps the crazy hair and I just felt effective.  This one will be a keeper to the days where I don’t feel like taking a picture of what I am wearing.  And yes, there are mnay of those days as well.


and then she turned 4


[Top Old Navy, Pant Banana, Shoe BCBG, Necklace Elk, Earrings George Jensen]

The day finally came that Theadora has been wishing for; her birthday party.  A hybrid affair of friends and family and oh so many children running around.  One Tinkerbell dress later and much too much candy and we have one incredibly happy little girl.  Now if a nap was next it would almost be the perfect day.


oh how i love the length


[blazer target, shirt h&m, jeans banana republic, boots nine west, scarf ?, earrings pilgrim]

I don’t know why I look so angry, perhaps it was the temperature?  I love this new length in the back and have a feeling I will wear this shirt to death until I get completely sick of it.  Friday’s mean jeans for me but they have to be super well fitting happy jeans; these fit the bill.

i’m back


[sweater banana republic, skirt H&M, boots?]

And with this I am back.  The weather does not cooperate much nor does the winter for this blogger.  I leave for work at 6 AM when Wisconsin is pitchblack and don’ get home until 4:30 where if the babies are cooperating I catch a sliver os daylight.  So please don’t mind the dreadful picture quality, but I am here, and I am back to share.


Oh and thi day it was about 15 degrees out.  Hard to look cute standig in the snow with snow in your boot.