and this is how you get me to be quiet


[Sweater Gap, Cords H&M]

I have been searching for the perfect slouchy sweater, don’t know, have never really been a fan of slouching, bur tight now it just feels so right.  Perhaps it is the changing seasoon or perhaps it is what my body looks like, I need some warmth and room.  This sweater came to me without me knowing that it was the perfect slouchy sweater but now I know.

This day I got to meet two teachers I highly admire, and I had nothing clever to say, so instead I just listened and got intimidated and ever just so slightly excited that I got to listen.  Being humble is a great thing.


and then they came over


{Sweater Gap, Shirt/Skirt/Tights H&M, Scarf Italy, Boots MIA]

Rain again as we are deep into fall.  Even the leaves seem to think it is enough.  Boots and trench coat as former students came to visit just because.  Sometimes I am amazed at how kids remember you and cherish you.

and he turned 36


[Blazer Forever 21, Tee Urban Outfitters, Necklace Ebay, Jeans Only, Scarf Zara]

When the love of your life turns 36 you have to find something to wear and although all black may seem like a cop out, when all your bits and pieces are not quite right, it seems to forgive the most.  And those heels I can walk in for hours…


leather and black never goes wrong


[Leather jacket vintage, dress Ann Taylor Loft, Accesories H&M]

A brilliant day to run around and bask a little in the sun.  First time in boots that seem to get more and more distressed, not sure I like the way they look anymore.But oh do I ever love this leather jacket, the softest leather and the perfect brown, if only I could find boots in that color.

stripes and skulls


[Blazer Marshalls, Tee H&M, Jeans Gap, Shoes Old Navy]

Sometimes when you have to run around, maybe stop a bit and see people, and you feel like you constantly have a child somewhere attached to you – jeans and a tee is the way to go.  And then add a stripe somewhere and perhaps evena polkadot.  How can you go wrong?

it is hard when they hurt


[Scarf Zara, Blazer Gap, Tee Banana, Pants Vila, Sandals Denmark]

This post was supposed to be dediated t my new pointy shoes but the problem I found with pointy shoes is that they are , well, pointy and it hurts… S instead, this is me in my trusty old sandals after a day of running around.  Oh and that scarf is my new favorite ever.