i wanna be a lipstick girl


[Top Old Navy, Pants Vila, Baby Ida]

My whole life I have envied those who wear lipstick, they always seem so put together.  And I have tried many times to become them; I buy the color, I put it on and then I forget all about it.  It doesn’t help that my husband hates it and won’t kiss me when I wear it, which definitely carries a lot of weight – a girl has to have her kisses.  And yet, here I am trying again, this time it lasted alost 2 whole hours until I felt foolish and silly.  Perhaps I am just not as put together as I want to be?


And this little bundle is a 1/3 of what I spend my days on…


2 thoughts on “i wanna be a lipstick girl

  1. Thank you so much, maternity leave is definitely treating me well although I miss my kids at school as well. It is amazing how fast the time is going though.

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