in which i hit a wall, no really


[Buttondown Old Navy, Jeans Only, Boots MIA]

It started out well enough; decent sleep, happy kids, beautiful fallish weather until about 11 AM.  And then I was an idiot driver that got stuck in a parking ramp and I managed to scrape the van against the wall not once, not twice, but three or more times.  Thea said it best when she told me; “I am going to tell daddy…”  Luckily daddy didn’t mind once I admitted that perhaps I am not the greatest of drivers.  Or at least not today.

This outfit worked well enough to get strangers to help me get the van unstuck (took them about 10 seconds after I had tried for more than 10 minutes).  And those boots, love the suede, love the wedge, love the color.


And here is the van…



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