wistfully staring into space


[Blazer Zara, Dress Gap, Belt Ann Taylor Loft, Casual attitude my own]

Finally discharged from the hospital with both babies and I could actually wear something other than leggings and slippers.  This dress has to be one of the most comfortable things I own but I need to figure out ways to style it.  This was for the back to school dance and worked quite well with a pair of chuckies that night…


Here I stand wishing for sleep

can we go yet?


[Blazer Target, Dress Benetton, Jewelry Pilgrim]

A beautiful and quiet morning as the house was child free.  I, of course, was jumping out of my skin ready to get them, B on the other hand had no problem enjoying his morning coffee in the quiet.  So on with a dress, some heels and justa little bit of splash, easy to do on this Sunday…


dinner party and no kids


[Dress H&M, Blazer Vintage]

My fantastic mother-in-law thought we needed a night with no kids, a whole night, not just an hour or two and we agreed, albeit a bit tearfully.  Off to a dinner party with many laughs and then home to sleep. This dress will be afavorite for fall, for school though it will be with leggings.


just a little bit of teaching


[Blouse Old Navy, Pant H&M, Shoes Target]

I have a love/hate relationships with corduroy, I used to have the most magnificent sky blue, skin tight, flared pair from the 60’s – loved those.  But that’s the only pair I have ever loved.  This new pair the verdict is still out on.  I love the color but I can’t get over that it is corduroy, hmmm, time will tell



cookies, bracelets, and a book


[Blazer Target, Tee H&M, Denim Old Navy, Belt Ann Taylor Loft]

Two babies with a cold and a big sister to match, yup, fall has arrived and so has cookie baking.  It does not matter how many projects one comes up with in a day; for a 3 year old it is just not enough.  I finally caved and took her to the indoor playgound where she ran for 30 minutes straight and still wasn’t tired.  Oh if I could bottle up that kind of energy.

Life lesson; it doesn’t matter how cool you think you look, a baby will still spit up on you.


the old cars came to town


[Denim Gap Mens, Belt Antrhopologie, Skirt Zara]

There are pieces in your closet you just reach for and on this day I was wearing three of those.  First out the door to meet great friends for tea, without kids (!), and then off for family time and an old car show.  Ice cream, hotdogs, and a great steak dinner that night, yeah being a mom idsn’t all that bad…

a little bit of music


[Dress Old Navy, Belt ??]

Finally Friday in this picture and just cool enough to wear a long dress but hot enough to wear wedge sandals with it.  I piled the kids in the car and headed to an afternoon concert with my favorite local band, and wouldn’t you know they smiled most of the time there.  All in all a beautiful day with great adventures…

is it bad if i wear it again


[Top Gap, Skirt Urban Outfitters, Belt, Antrhopologie, Boots MIA]

With two sleeping babies that only woke up once last night, a little girl away at daycare with the beginnings of a cold, and Ibens blaring out as a blast from the past, this outfit seems ridiculous.  Yet the rain is coming, today feels like fall and I feel like wearing a ridiculous outfit on my maternity leave.  So today we go to the book store and other than that the forecast calls for lots of snuggling and laughing at silly faces and grunts.


And yes, I know I just wore this skirt and yes, I know I just wore this lipstick but that’s ok…

i wanna be a lipstick girl


[Top Old Navy, Pants Vila, Baby Ida]

My whole life I have envied those who wear lipstick, they always seem so put together.  And I have tried many times to become them; I buy the color, I put it on and then I forget all about it.  It doesn’t help that my husband hates it and won’t kiss me when I wear it, which definitely carries a lot of weight – a girl has to have her kisses.  And yet, here I am trying again, this time it lasted alost 2 whole hours until I felt foolish and silly.  Perhaps I am just not as put together as I want to be?


And this little bundle is a 1/3 of what I spend my days on…