what do you do in a 4 hour meeting


[Blazer Zara, Tee WiSkullsin, Shorts Old Navy, Sandals Denmark, Bracelet the Loft]

Even though I get to be on maternity leave until November 5th, there are still meetings to attend during the summer…  So on with some dots and a skull shirt honoring my adopted state and off we go.  I love my job but I sure did miss all the babies by the time the day was going.


a taste of fall in 90 degrees


[Buttondown H&M, Jeans Only, Earrings Francesca’s, Suede Boots MIA]

While the meterologist may have promised 90 degrees today, when I left the house the van said 71.  So I happily squeezed into some of my favorite highwaisted skinny jeans, which fit just barely, and this oversize buttondown which is actually babyblue and not white.  I also laced up my new for fall suede booties which are comfortable and cute, so they will probably be making quite the appearance on this blog.

Unfortunately the metereologist was absolutely right and by the time I left school it was now 90 degrees.  No more cute fall-ish outfit until fall actually arrives.  Oh well…



and the tire went flat


[Denim Vintage, tee Old Navy, Skirt Target?]

Today was the day we secured our daycare – they start in two months – traversed the zoo while many strangers asked us very nice questions about the babies and then finally had a very flat tire.  So tomorrow is now the day we take the lemon minivan to the dealership to be fixed.  So much for just hanging out at home.


and there was corn


[Blouse Gap, Skirt Pieces]

This post could also be titled “This is what sleep deprivation looks like…” three nights of the babies waking up every two hours, unfortunately alternating every hour of who wakes up, and the bags beneath my eyes are the size of tote bags.  However, that did not stop us from heading to a local corn festival with some of the most delicious sweet corn around.

Oh and did I mention the rides?  Thea got to try every single one and I got to conquer my fear of heights in the ferris wheel.  Top it off with fresh squeezed lemonade and cheese curds, yup, that spells Wisconsin summer for you.



we brought our lunch in


[Blazer Marshalls, Tee H&M, Jeans Only, Earrings Pilgrim]

When you run errands in the rain you need a little coat to cover you up.  Sowhile Thea gladly put on both rainboots and a raincoat, i decided to go a little more casual.  Nothing like a skull t-shirt at school to get you in the mood for working in your classroom…


and then there was panic


[Top Urban Outfitters, Shorts Old Navy, Earrings H&M]

Some random print mixing to brighten up my day and honestly my midsection is nowhere near ready for a close up even if my dear mother swears I am back to pre-baby shape, ummm nope.  So the heat continued today and Thea went to daycare so I got to sit and nap with two 16 day old babies that just love cuddling.  Not a bad afternoon, not at all.  And this outfit – semi succesful – I can always chalk it up to sleep deprivation…


with a belt in the waist


[Cardigan H&M, Dress Old Navy, Belt Anthropologie, Necklace thrifted]

A celebration of my mother calls for a long dress.  I have been excited to see just how this dress would fit without my gigantic belly and I am definitely digging it even more.  A great summer staple from now on.


never mind the wrinkles


[All Old Navy Randomly]

Besides the onslaught of wrinkles the color combination of bright green an gray is ever so appealing to me.  From visiting daycares, gulp, to beven working on my classroom whie balancing 3 kids and their needs, this outfit worked.  Easy, bright, and perfect.