a year ago

Had to share life a year ago, my, how much can change


a little mad men inspired – this dress is now a shirt with my big belly


I lived in my skinny jeans, wonder if they will ever fit again


this dress is in my hospital bag for going home (and yes it is also a top at the moment)


I still love my button downs


the happiest little girl is so much taller


forgot I even owned this shirt


Her hair is now almost to her butt


and there will always be stripes

14 pounds of babies


Not much new to show fashion wise, this is my old favorite non-maternity Ann Taylor Loft Dress, but I did want to share that this is what 14 pounds of baby looks like.  37 weeks tomorrow and the babies arrive on Monday…then I will be back to wearing fashionable clothes, well maybe anyway

36 weeks with twins and i am perfecting sucking it in


[All items from stores in Denmark]

I have to admit getting dressed has been a chore.  This huge belly is not cooperating and the weather has been too hot to bust out all of my long dresses… so my poor husband gets to see me every day in a mini skirt and a white t-shirt, thus the lack of posts.  Although if I had been a true fashion blogger I would have made it the white tee and mini challenge, oh well


36 weeks of twins there


Thea was also taking pictures throughout this

the world from thea

For Christmas 2010 we thought giving Thea a camera would be fun, so for 1 year and a half her camera has gone many places.  Today I thought to download all of those pictures and so I present some pictures from the perspective of a now 3 year old….


a color block and 35 weeks


[Top and skirt Old Navy]

The heat returned and the wasps came out of the logs. We enjoyed another day with a pool, great friends, cake and perhaps even a fish fry.  

Woke up realizing that today I have a 35 week belly which is so amazing and at the same time so huge and I don’t know how it can get even bigger but it will and oh well.  My feet are swollen, the airconditioning feels amazing and we have a movie to watch.



You know when life gives you one of those moments that you didn’t expect but it stops time for a second, this picture captured one of those moments.

neon, glitter and some sequins


[Top Kische, Skirt H&M, Earrings H&M]

It’s still hot and my belly is huge, so I picked up this shirt well knowing that it would just cover it if I kept on tugging down on it.  My eyes are on the prize at the end; our babies, and not having to wear any maternity clothes ever again.  

This day consisted of taking Thea to daycare, one shop stop, and then reading a book on the couch.  Sometimes you can get a little dressed up when you have nothing else to do, I am ok with that.


we snuck out to the zoo


[Tank Old Navy, Skirt H&M, Satchel Cambridge Satchel Co and yes those are flip flops]

The heatwave broke late last night which meant open windows and a breeze that didn’t bring in more unbearable hotness.  We celebrated this morning with a trip to our amazing free zoo, which coincidentally was the same place I had promised Thea to go to when I ended up in the hospital instead.  So for two weeks I have had a very urgent request from her to please take her to the zoo…

Even though the heatwave broke, we still hover close to 90 so this insanely basic outfit served me well.  And I am also at the point where most shirts do not cover the belly, so things are pretty limited…


[Necklace Etsy]

we heard there was sweet corn


[Top Old Navy, Skirt H&M]


Disobeying doctor’s orders but only because we heard that sweet corn had arrived at the farmer’s market, and by golly, it had.  Stayed in the shade, drank lots of water and didn’t do the whole loop, then went home to take a nap.  I managed to get through it without going into labor, and why do I have an inkling that these babies will need to be induced anyway?

Thea has a shiny cookie that matched her dress even though we had made promises of a chocolate covered donut with sprinkles.  We thought she had forgotten until she turned to us tonight and said, “…mommy, my tummy really hurts because it needs a donut…”

I guess you cannot argue with that kind of logic.