i couldn’t resist


When your days consist of lying in yur bed only to be interrupted by making yourself lunch, fashion seems to not happen.  However, lying in bed also means that online shopping becomes something I need to stop myself from.

Today I couldn’t resist this maxi dress from Old Navy of all places.  They even had in a tall version and I am anxious to try the fit of it.  While it may not work so well with my gigantic belly now, I am pretty sure if it looks like I envision that it will become a staple piece.


when you are in the hospital


I apologize for the lack of posts but you can only do so much with a hospital robe and shorts.

Turns out Ida and Oskar want to come early and we are not letting them.?? So into the hospital since Friday on bedrest, but hopefully home soon.?? Until then my belly works quite nicely as a chocolate box holder.

i managed to get in the sun


[Dress c/o Seraphine, Tank H&M, Sandals Old Navy, Earrings Francesca’s, Necklace H&M]

Swollen cankles, in fact I thought I would burst my sandal straps, all coming from taking a 7 hour writing class.  And yet I wear this dress and I feel pulled together, effortless, and every bit effervescent.  Every pregnant woman needs a dress like that.

I love the idea of gold and white together, especially during the summer.  H&M has been pumping out good options, and my students gave me these earrings, which I have since worn almost every day.  This day also marked the day we said goodbye to our Jetta and hello to a mini van.  More posts about that.


i huffed and i puffed


[Shirt Old Navy, Tee & Skirt H&M, Daughter my own]

I thought to spice things up here I would do some pictures seated on the deck.  BUT…when you are 31 weeks pregnant and the self-timer only gives you 10 seconds, there is no way you can get into position and look decent.  I thought I might faint from the exhaustion and Thea was quite concerned about me falling off the ledge.  So no more fancy poses from here, just back to the good old wall


And why not mix a stripe and a plaid?


i have no idea what it says


[Tee & Skirt Zara]

I remember buiyng this tee many years ago, deciphering the text once to make sure it was suitable for school and then promptly forgetting what it said.  So no, I have no idea what it says…  When you have to run to meetings, appointments and even try to clean, what else is easier than a skirt and tee?  Easy, simple, summer…


And that would 30 weeks and 6 days of belly right there


i really like your dress said the waitress


[Cardigan Urban Outfitters, Belt Antrhopologie, Dress Old Navy, Sandals from Denmark, Earrings Francesca’s Collection]

First day off of school but nobody told my daughter that, she wanted to get up at at 3 and 4 AM to snuggle.  Unfortunately this big belly of mine doesn’t really allow for a lot of snuggling.  So back to bed and one happy child at 6 AM instead.  

What is it with the first day of vacation and running a gazillion errands, it is like a rite of passage.  We went and filled up a cart of diapers, gulp, and even went into school to clean a little bit, all the while feeling comfy and slightly overdressed.  Ah life, you are good to me.