it rained school supplies today


[Blazer Gap, Tee The Limited, Pants Vila]


Woke up to find I was 26 weeks pregnant, that puts a spring in your step metaphorically speaking.  There truly is no spring in my step and even my students have noticed how slow I am some days.  Oh well, with two in there I figured it is ok to slow down.  So on with sparkles and slouchy pants, so comfortable and about as close to sweats as I will ever get.

Happiness is when students present you with post-it notes and dry erase markers like they are a fine bottle of wine.  Once again brought to tears by my amazing students and their thoughtfulness.  Thea has conquered all of the baby gear, claiming it as her own.  It is particularly interesting too see her try to unstick herself from the Bumbo.  Kisses from husband and help froma father-in-law to try to finish the nursery ranks up there in happy land as well.





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