that belly just grow bigger every day


[Dress Old Navy, Leggings H&M, Necklace & Belt Forever 21]

The meterologist promised today would be beautiful, I should have known better.  School was freezing which meant that my cute dress quickly got covered up by a gigantic scarf and cardigan.  No matter, I stayed warm and got to see how gigantic my belly looked today.  Something about pleats adding girth.

The days are zipping by as the school year draws to an end. My students are ready to go to middle school even if they don’t think they are.  Thea is now 41.5 inches tall, which considering she is 3 is really tall. Last night she told me she also had 2 babies in her stomach; Sarah and Bambi Boo.  She was very offended when I assumed Bambi Boo was a girl; should have known better.  Ahh life, how fun you are.


[Cardigan and scarf H&M]


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