my feet took all the beating


[Denim Gap Mens, Tank H&M, Skirt H&M, Snadals from Denmark, Belt Forever 21]

Saturday called for multiples resale, wow what deals!  Then a hospital tour for future big sisters, except Thea did not care one iota and would rather sit and color.  Then off to a sleep over with her and finally bowling for my school.  To say that my feet were used is not even covering it.

Life as a pregnant woman is ever-changing.  I still don’t know what to say when people ask how I feel; good, stressed, excited, sore, dumbfounded?  My husband says excited even though I know he is petrified like I am in a good way.  

I was told by a stranger that if she ever got pregnant she wanted to look as cute as I did.  That feather will stay in my hat for the upcoming week.



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