oh yes i did get that at target


[Sweater Gap, Skirt Target, Scarf Pieces, Silver bangle vintage, Turquise stone bracelet, Chuckies not shown]

My mission continues to be non-maternity wear, so this little darling of a skirt made its way into my basket ysterday during a Target run.  It is even long enough for my 5 feet 10.5 inches frame…

School called for super tube challenge, more awesomeness from my students in general and getting things done.  Afterwards family, movies and just a wonderful weekend ahead with the first farmer’s market outdoors tomorrow.  So far still feeling stylish…not quite glowing though



Belly and scarf oh how I love you both


Cheesy 80’s pose for the bracelets

just put a tie on it


[Cardigan Zara, Tie vintage, Vest H&M, Jeans Gap Maternity, Flats Old Navy]

Dreary, rain, cold, and did I mention rain – this takes me back to the fall days in Denmark.  Layers and warmth are calling my name, who cares whether the sweater is stretched to the max.  So two versions here, one for school with the sweater and one for dinner without.  I am at the point where my belly leads the way everywhere and that is a great thing.




that belly just grow bigger every day


[Dress Old Navy, Leggings H&M, Necklace & Belt Forever 21]

The meterologist promised today would be beautiful, I should have known better.  School was freezing which meant that my cute dress quickly got covered up by a gigantic scarf and cardigan.  No matter, I stayed warm and got to see how gigantic my belly looked today.  Something about pleats adding girth.

The days are zipping by as the school year draws to an end. My students are ready to go to middle school even if they don’t think they are.  Thea is now 41.5 inches tall, which considering she is 3 is really tall. Last night she told me she also had 2 babies in her stomach; Sarah and Bambi Boo.  She was very offended when I assumed Bambi Boo was a girl; should have known better.  Ahh life, how fun you are.


[Cardigan and scarf H&M]

they all went home at 11


[Blazer H&M, Denim Shirt Mens Gap, Scarf H&M, Jeans Old Navy Maternity]

Sometimes I feel like I wear the same things over and over, taking pictures of your outfits will make you aware of that rather quickly.  Yet the truth is, on a teacher’s salary and knowing this is my last pregnancy, I don’t feel like spending money that we don’t have so that I can look super stylish.  So my ultimate mission for the next 15 weeks (gulp, that is all that is left of my pregnancy) is to not buy a lot of maternity clothes.  What do you think?  Doable?

my feet took all the beating


[Denim Gap Mens, Tank H&M, Skirt H&M, Snadals from Denmark, Belt Forever 21]

Saturday called for multiples resale, wow what deals!  Then a hospital tour for future big sisters, except Thea did not care one iota and would rather sit and color.  Then off to a sleep over with her and finally bowling for my school.  To say that my feet were used is not even covering it.

Life as a pregnant woman is ever-changing.  I still don’t know what to say when people ask how I feel; good, stressed, excited, sore, dumbfounded?  My husband says excited even though I know he is petrified like I am in a good way.  

I was told by a stranger that if she ever got pregnant she wanted to look as cute as I did.  That feather will stay in my hat for the upcoming week.