in which i have a good hair day


[Cardigan H&M, Dress Gap, Tights H&M, Earrings Pilgrim]

I woke up this morning and my hair looked amazing.  Now don’t think this is something I normally say but it did.  Chalk it up to pregnancy, actually blowdrying it yesterday or what, but I knew I had to leave it down straight.  If you ask my students you would know how absolutely rare that is.  So I went through the day being happy about my hair and not focusing on the snowstorm that is hitting us as I type.  

This red dress is non-maternity and I think today was the last day I get to wear it for a while.  We were told to wear red for a special surprise assembly to mark the end of literacy week, and sure enough, Bucky Badger and 3 Badger football players walked in to read to the kids.  Well done PTO!  So on with the tights, on with the dress, and I will spare you the sight of my snowboots, they are cute but definitely looked rather dull compared to the dress.  Happy weekend to all.




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