the phone didn’t help much


Three snapshots from our fabulous vacation, as stated I lived in eiehter swimwear or dresses.  The belly is taking over slowly and the kicks are stronger and punches have been added.  This week was pure heaven; relaxation, great food, books to read and so much laughing.  Now I have to come back to earth and keep the energy going.

a little black on black


[Blazer Target, Dress Vero Moda, Tights H&M, Leather sandals from Denmark, new earrings from Pilgrim]

I have to say I love Mondays with their potential for setting the tone just so.  This outfit was another example of non-maternity wear being put into use, at least as long as I can.  The dress has no stretch though so its days will be limited.  The past year I have loved the combination of brown and black, something about that little twist just adds to the outfit.  

A great day with the students where they worked hard trying to wrap everything up before spring break.  With my husband already on vacation it was hard to get out of bed but then seeing all the excitement at school made the day fly by.  Toinght we had dumplings from my favorite craving right now and then lots of snuggles with Thea.  Now I think a movie and some bbq chips scream my name. Could life be any more fantastic?


someone else took a picture


[Dress Target, Belt Forever 21, Tights Pieces, Hat H&M, Daughter my own]

A pop of neon is huge for spring so why not add it to an otherwise basic maternity outfit?  Leggings are from H&M, Dress from Target with similar found here, Hat also from H&M and finally the all important belt is from Forever 21, similar found here at Urban Outfitters.

For my birthday brunch the weather was gorgeous.  I knew we would be eating outside and I also knew the day would take us out in the sun, so on with my funky new cheap hat and this non-maternity dress.  The pop of neon adds funky to the otherwise bland black and blue.  And I must say that if someone knows how to mix prints it is my daughter Thea, flower upon flower, and it worked.


we made it home just in time


[Blazer H&M, Shirt H&M, Jeans Old Navy Maternity, Sandals from Denmark, Sunnies cheap cheap cheap]

I want to be one of those cool people that wear Raybans but I am just not.  I love them, but they are too expensive for how often I lose my glasses, so these mock ones will have to do.  The fantastic gorgeous weather continues here but no one told the air conditioner at school, so on with the layers and some sandals.  These maternity jeans work better but are still not great, only 4 more months to go though and then back to normal ones.  Still obsessed with stripes…

This weekend calls for birthday brunch, tea with friends and even a viewing of Cats but for tonight hamburgers and beauty and the beast with a very tired and dirty 3 year old.  Life is pretty fantastic.



a little birdy gave me


[Blouse Gap, Jeans Gap maternity, Flats Target, Earrings Pilgrim]

These pictures are solely to show you my new earrings given to me by my father on my birthday.  I absolutely love the little bit of sparkle and the rosegold makes me think of summer and beach.  This outfit is rather decomposed as I wore both a blazer and heels to school plus a funky necklace, but with 80 degrees and the sun shining so bright this is where it ended.  I don’t hate this pair of maternity jeans but still not my favorite.  Why is it so hard to actually make a decent pair of maternity jeans for tall women.  We want to look good too.


and then another year had gone


[Blazer H&M, Sheer Blouse Gap, Shorts Anthropologie, Tights H&M, Chuckies, and new earrings from Pilgrim, daughter is my own]

Yesterday was my birthday and that called for something fun to wear, so after a small fashion crisis, here is what I ended up with.  This outfit was perfect as the temperature reached 78 degrees (in March!  (in Wisconsin!!) but our building was freezing.  

I love these non-maternity shorts and do like the idea of wearing them with tights, I think they are more winter shorts than summer ones which seems like a strange statement.  I have been wearing my Chuckies a lot to give my flats a break and one parent even stopped me in the hallway to tell me how fun my outfit was, so not a bad birthday at all.

Speaking of which, still cannot get over how spoiled I was.  Tea in bed, cards and gifts, 3 bouquets of flowers, treats from my students and dinner from  my mom.  There was so much love shared, I am one lucky person. Today I got to walk into a classroom that smeelled like a flowershop, lovely.



pastels and some horrible pants


[Blazer Gap, Silk shirt Antropologie, Jeans Gap Maternity, Flats Target]

I desperately wanted to love these jeans; white jeans are such a staple in my wardrobe.  In fact so much so that I almost squinted when I looked in the mirror just to make myself believe they were decent.  But, alas, they are not.  The elastic doesn’t hold up, the material sags around the zipper and they are an awful length.  I hate capris, which most people can attest to but a nice cuffed jean, sign me up.  These are capris, ill-fitting and overly expensive.  Once again Gap; your maternity jeans suck.

So on with trouser jeans to rock the spring pastel looks.  Everything else was non-maternity and conferences here I come.