a little bit of spring


[Blazer & Top H&M, Jeans Gap Maternity, Necklace Etsy, with leopard flats (not shown)]

Argh the horrible lighting is killing me and so are these jeans.  I love a good white jean and knew I wanted one for my pregnancy wear, and with this one I went against the poor reviews.  Not only do these jeans sag, they sag right after you put them on, even with extra support.  And even worse, once I washed them, the seam twisted.  So yes, I will be calling Gap and asking them to take them back and my search will continue for the perfect maternity white jean.

Either way, between feeling hot and then freezing, I am all about layers and blazers.  Both tops are non maternity and staples in my wardrobe anyway, I love how I can pair them with the jeans and still wear them.  The necklase is heavy but just the extra amount of color needed for an outfit like this.  Overall, besides, the saggy pants, not a bad day for an outfit.




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