keep calm and ride on


[Blazer, Scarf & Cardigan H&M, Tee Urban Outfitters, Jeans Old Navy Maternity, Chuckies]

I really tried to smile in these pictures because I have been lookng so gloomy but I ended up looking crazy instead so then I chopped my head off.  It is literacy week at school and today we had to wear a shirt with something you could read on it, thus the title of this post.  I am not a sneakers person and I have never been so my colleagues were shocked to see me in Chuckies, but what can I say, for those I make an exception.

Not much to share here, super fun layering outfit because I was freezing at school, it worked for all of my purposes and I didn’t feel like a slouch.


all she wanted to do was snuggle


[Dress Old Navy,  Belt Forever 21, Tights H&M, Hair all my own]

Just earrings and a pop of neon today to brighten my day.  I actually wore heels all day today and only tonight will tell whether that was a good idea or not.  This dress is perfect for the nevercoming spring; light, flouncy and filled with polkadots.  And best of all it actually is non-maternity so this will be worn after these two come into the world.


and the beat goes on


[Tee and Loafers Old Navy, Jeans Only, Scarf from Italy, Earrings Pilgrim, Child my own]

This Saturday called for some running errands, a little bit of a dance recital and a need for black jeans with a pop of brown.  I have yet to find black maternit jeans that cost less than $100 so until then these will have to do with a Bella Band.  I love this outfit because it feels pulled together, shows the belly and allows me to play with Thea who snuck in the last picture.  She tells me she is posing like a model…


it was actually long enough


Imagine my excitement when I saw this black stretch maxi-dress at Target the other day.  Excitement because it will take me into summer and even more so because it is long enough – I am 5 feet 10.5 inches this is not a small thing.  Now once you get past the insanely ugly belt – Hawaiin mummu’s anyone- there are an oodles of way you can style it.  And that is what I plan on doing, styling it for you to see.  This is sold out online but check your local Target store for it.This is hte first long dress I have seen for us taller pregnant ladies.

my goodness you are colorful


[Blazer & tights H&M, Dress Anthropologie, Flats Target, Necklace Tiffany’s]

Walking down the hallway today a colleague told me I was very colorful, and I had to agree, color seems to be keeping me happy today.  

I had to cut my face out of most of these because I look mad, not sure why, since the sun was shining, the students were amazing, and I still fit into this dress.  This silk dress was partially given to me by a student through a Christmas giftcard and I have worn it quite a bit.  It is made of silk, it is very comfortable, and I do love all of the different colors in there.


And for all of you wondering what 14 weeks pregnant with twins looks like, here you are…


when you need to make dinner


[All items from H&M]

Sometimes you just need some comfort and this dinner making outfit is no exception.  On with the tee, on with the blaze,r but then hello stretch mini from H&M.  I live in this skirt whether underneath longer shirts or just with a top.  So although I dress up a lot, this is what you would find me in if you stopped by my house during dinner time.  My husband certainly enjoys it more than sweatpants, which as a Dane I am genetically engineered to hate.  What is your go to outfit for relaxing at home?


103 days


[Blazer & Tee H&M, Skirt Traget, Necklace & Belt Forever 21]

A little bit of snow showed up this morning leaving me to reach for the colors.  I once again managed to not wear anything maternity on the outside, I love that I am able to get the use out of my clothes.  I love the pop of neon the belt adds to these colors and even my students commented on it.  I wore this with yellow and gray flats so overall, it was a color kind of day.


just another manic monday


[Blazer Target, T Urban Outfitters, Jeans Only, Boots Bandolino, Scarf H&M]

I just couldn’t resist this pastel scarf I stumbled upon over the weekend.  I knew it would be perfect for my all black outfit.  So on with the scarf and the boots and I can face any weather.  My sister asked me if I wore all black to look slimmer, not really, I wear all black because it makes other things pop.  And lo and behold these jeans are not maternity – just worn with a Bella Band.  In fact, beside the band, I wore nothing maternity today.  Not bad for someone with a belly that is looking like 20 weeks or so.



a little bit of spring


[Blazer & Top H&M, Jeans Gap Maternity, Necklace Etsy, with leopard flats (not shown)]

Argh the horrible lighting is killing me and so are these jeans.  I love a good white jean and knew I wanted one for my pregnancy wear, and with this one I went against the poor reviews.  Not only do these jeans sag, they sag right after you put them on, even with extra support.  And even worse, once I washed them, the seam twisted.  So yes, I will be calling Gap and asking them to take them back and my search will continue for the perfect maternity white jean.

Either way, between feeling hot and then freezing, I am all about layers and blazers.  Both tops are non maternity and staples in my wardrobe anyway, I love how I can pair them with the jeans and still wear them.  The necklase is heavy but just the extra amount of color needed for an outfit like this.  Overall, besides, the saggy pants, not a bad day for an outfit.