i continue to colorblock


Blazer H&M, Blouse Old Navy, White Jeans (Not shown) Banana Republic


Another example of a new Blazer from H&M, I have shown this before but I keep reaching for it.  It is a perfect color blue and perfect fit and goes with just about anything I can think of.  Another casual day at work with lots of movement with the students.  I also had an insanely long day as this was the night of our anual school Christmas party.  This outfit took me from school to party no problem.  I am already washing the blouse and thinking of new ways to wear it, love the green.

i stepped out as malibu barbie


Blazer H&M, Tee Urban Outfitters, Jeans (Not shown) Joe’s Jeans

I didn’t plan to look like Malibu Barbie today but appreently my co-workers thought I did.  Either way, many compliments were received on the pink.  Sometimes I wonder if something as simple as a bright piece of clothing can brighten other people’s day as well?

I reach for more and more blazers as my belly expands.  I don’t hope to gain much weight on my arms and shoulders so I know these will actually be usable after these twins arrive.  H&M have been rocking the good blazer fits and colors, this reminds me of my old 70’s bright pink bell bottom suit I used to wear as a teenager.  A blazer and tee is about as classic and casual as it gets, it just works.


a mixture of prints


Sweater Vero Moda, Dress Banana Republic



I keep reaching for springy prints as I just cannot embrace the doom and gloom of winter.  So why not mix some nice blue and orange, I even had a bird scarf on to add some more prints.  Overall this worked and I would look forward to wearing it without black tights, ahh summer, one day you will be here.

a day to run around


Sweater Gap, Buttondown American Apparel, Jeans Only, Boots Bandolino, Earrings Pilgrim, Necklace Forever 21

I am bound and determined to stay out of most maternity clothes as long as possible.  These highwaisted jeans still fit, most be the copious amount of stretch in them, or at least they fit in the morning. The buttondown was a surprise Christmas gift from my husband who thought the collar was cool, he knows me too well.  On this extra day off we ran errands, needing boots for sure ince the snow was melting leaving insanely large puddles everywhere.  We made it home through the weather and may have to do some baking now.  Stay warm.

5 Most Hated Trends of Maternity Wear


Now that the cat’s out of the bag and the world knows I am expecting again, I thought I would tackle something that has been bothering me ever since my last pregnancy…maternity clothes.  Being someone who takes pride in how I look, this pocket of clothing seems to want to wrestle that choice from me and leave me feeling down on myself just because of how I look.  

So I present to you, my top 5 most hated trends of maternity wear.

  1. The patterns.  Nothing screams look at me, here I come, like a big bold pattern.  So while I already feel gigantic enough due to me ever-expanding belly, the people behind maternity clothing decided that I needed big flowers of squares to accentuate my hugeness.  Pair that with insanely bright colors and my toddlers screams out in jealousy whenever I put on my dress.  
  2. The bows.  I realize that my babies are indeed a gift to my family but that doesn’t mean I should have to look like a Christmas present.  While some may find a bow cute on top of a giant stomach, I don’t.  I am a 31 year old woman, not someone’s present to unwrap.
  3. Polyester!  I get it, we have to wear stretchable clothes but is there nothing else to make it out of than polyester?  Now pregnancy means your body needs to breathe, not happening in polyester.  It just feels like the designers thought we wouldn’t notice.
  4. The lengths.  I am 5 foot 10 1/2, which apparently means I am a giant in maternity wear.  Some companies have realized that tall women do get pregnant whether they want to believe it or not but most haven’t.  Is it so hard to make pants and leggings that are long enough?  We can’t all be pregnant during summer.
  5. The prices.  Those smart people making maternity clothes have figured us all out.  If you want decent looking stuff, meaning non-polyester, non-bright colors with no patterns or bows, you easily have to spend $100 or more on a top.  I wish I could but I am a teacher, so until I get rich I guess I will be hiding my ever-expanding belly.

and the sky opened and it all came down


Blazer H&M, Blouse Urban Outfitters, Tee Gap, Jeans Old Navy Maternity, Rings Goodman’s

I knew this morning I had to wear boots, after all, the forecast called for 5 to 7 inches of snow.  After that everything else had to fall into place and it did, beautifully.  This blazer is quickly becoming a go to piece, the blue color is just right, as is the fit, and it will be fine with my ever-expanding belly.  This blouse from Urban I have used many times before, it just never fails, I love the delicate pop of color, the hint of spring, and how it flows.  



I have never highlighted my rings before but thought I should since I happened to capture them in a picture today.  This Christmas my favorite gift was the middle ring from my husband for our more than 10 years together.  Just a simple gold band and I love how it stacks with my other two platinum rings.  If only I cleaned them more… they are worn every day together.

when your grandfather is your favorite


Vintage tie from my grandfather, buttondown Banana, Cardigan Urban Outfitters

My grandfather, or morfar, passed away on December 14th.  He is who we named Theadora after so when my mother asked me what I would like of his, this tie immediately came to mind.  The last time I saw him this is what he was wearing.  So today I took it easy, being pregnant with twins will force you to do that once in a while.  Now my mission becomes how to stay fashionale while getting more and more pregnant.

i know who needs to read this


Imagine my surprise when I received this little goody in the mail from Glamour, their new super funny and yet so on point dating book; “Hit On the Wingman…”  While I may be married, I have several friends who this book will be perfect for.  So tonight instead of settling in with my papers, I will be settling in with this new book.  It may even teach me a few tricks on how to keep my husband interested – win.

another banana


Banana has hit somehing for me this season, the colors, the length of the pants.  I still can’t afford the outfit so instead I will look for similar ideas.  I did pair orange with blue last week and loved it, picture to come, the lighting is just so bad here in Wisconsin after 4 PM.