get out of your seats


Blazer H&M, Top Anthropolgie, Jeans Only, Boots (not shown) BCBG, Necklace Vintage

Tuesday and the kids are not ready to stay seated.  Who can blame them with Thanksgiving two days away?  So when I rolled out of bed this morning with my hair all curly due to my braids the day before, I was just going to roll with it.  I love this silk top but have a hard time wearing it, and yet this just felt right.  Two pastels together and they popped.  My jeans are actually pleated at the top – my husband thinks they are the most ugly pants I own and that says a lot – but they are pretty funky.  I rolled and cuffed them and wore them with my suede wedge boots.  Whatever it was, this outfit is one of my new favorites, who would have thought.

So this won’t post until after Thanksgiving so have a merry one if you celebrate…I can’t wait to show you what I wore to my dual dinners.


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