feeling stripey #styleteacher


On a Saturday where the sun finally peeked out, I felt like a sailor in the pants that Brandon hates the most and one of my favorite stripey shirts.  can you really enough stripes in your closet or am I the only one obsessed?  A happy day that definitely involved ice cream. Stripes, kids, husband, and ice cream, perfect.

you can’t go wrong #styleteacher


This winter is officially the most miserable winter I have ever experienced.  It may be March but it is still so cold and there is still snow and they are still saying more snow to come.  No more cold!  o what do you do?  well you put on your favorite blue button down, I have become slightly obsessed which new posts will soon show, I am in love with my blue shirts.  I have several of them,  all perfect in their won way, although my newest boyfriend version from Gap beats them all I think.  A post coming soon dedicated just to that.  The thing is with blue button downs, you can wear them with anything, really, and they look great and you look pulled together.  Don’t believe me?  I will prove it to you as I wear my blue button downs as much as possible this spring and summer, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

when your book is made available #styleteacher


I first saw this dress on the sale rack at Anthropologie and went straight to it.  How can you not?  It screams 7-‘s housewife but in a great way.  I never loved print but as I get older I seem to dig them more and more, perhaps this how some old ladies end up with purple hair.  Any way, i left the dress there thinking it would be too much for me but then I kept thinking about it and how perfect it was in all of its brightness and colors.  So two weeks later as a birthday gift to myself I brought it home.  And this dress and I have already had the best day ever…

This day started with smiles from all of the kids.  Then so much excitement in my classroom as I unveiled our new spelling program, yeah, the kids actually cheered, which has never happened before in spelling  But then the very best part beside coming home to my crazy brood… The pre-buy finally started for my very first book “Passionate Learners – Giving Our Classroom Back to Our Students” published by Powerful Learning Press.  I have been working on this project for almost two years, it it truly the 5th baby in my house, and today we finally came one step closer to seeing it live.  I hope this book helps other teachers change the way they teach and help students love school again.  To pre-buy it click here.



and then it was 34 #styleteacher



Perhaps it is because there are 4 girls now in the house but I cannot help but think pink this spring.  Pink skirts, shirts, and jeans are all finding their home in my closet.  These jeans do not photograph well but they are are a pink blush color and I just wish they were a little bit longer.    I was torn whether I should keep them but then realized I will probably live in them come actual spring and early summer.

Oh and today happens to be my 34th birthday.  What a great year we have ahead of us since 4 is my lucky number.






Chill on a Friday

DSCN4670Thea asked nicely to show off her outfit, oh to have her courage in style…


mama you look like a ballerina #styleteacher



The lighting doesn’t quite show off this skirt but it is a pale pink tulle skirt and I am in love.  Not just with the skirt but also with this little baby who finally is starting to look like a newborn though she is almost 3 months old.

Thea saw my outfit and immediately exclaimed, “Mama, you look like a ballerina…I’m going to look like a cheetah today.”  I love my 5 year old.


and back to school i went #styleteacher


First day’s back after maternity leave are exhausting.  The adrenaline of being back with the students carried me through the day but when I walked in the door and saw all I had missed with the kids, it was hard.  However, we can count down the day until spring break where I hope for better weather so we can finally get outside.  This winter has been brutal…

This black dress is the same I wore through the pregnancy.  I had to take a deep breath before I wore something tight but in the end I decided it wasn’t too bad.  And the blazer,oh how I love it.  Part graffiti, part crazy print, yes please…



baby love

IMG_36814 weeks at home doing basically this whenever I could.  I also started the rough draft for my second book, fine polished my first book out in April, and thought about how incredibly lucky we are.  I have an incredible life…


it’s not perfect but it’ll do #styleteacher

DSCN4628I have been searching all winter for the perfect camel knit cardigan but I have ended up empty handed – nearly.  This little cardigan jumped into my hands during Gap’s clearance sale and while it is not as thick as I wanted, nor quite the right color, it will do for now.  With the winter we are having here in Wisconsin, I have found myself gravitating toward knit sweaters every day.  I am so sick of the cold.

Notice how Ida now poses with me.  What in the world must these kids think of taking all of these pictures of myself.